Chlorine Dioxide Generators

International Dioxcide is the industry leader in chlorine dioxide generator fabrication. We’ve produced and installed more than 1,000 ClO2 generators. Our chlorine dioxide equipment is custom designed, manufactured, and installed to the exact specifications of our clients, while also complying with strict safety standards. The entire process is performed by our in-house team of engineers and staff.

Chlorine Dioxide Generation Systems

We offer a broad range of generation systems that produce anywhere from 1 lb/day to 10,000 lbs/day of ClO2 using different chemical reactions.

A ADOX-Inline chlorine dioxide generator manufactured by international dioxide

30-10,000 lbs/day

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the ADOX™ Microflow illustration

ADOX™ Microflow
Up to 75 lbs/day

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A ADOX-Inline chlorine dioxide generator manufactured by international dioxide

30-10,000 lbs/day

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ADOX-MG chlorine dioxide generator manufactured by international dioxide

100-700 lbs/day

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A MiniAC chlorine dioxide generator manufactured by international dioxide

7-30 lbs/day

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the ADOX™ MiniACT illustration

0.5-30 lbs/day

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the ADOX™ MiniTEE illustration

0.5-4 lbs/day

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Criteria for Generator Selection and Design

There are five main chemical reactions used to safely generate chlorine dioxide:

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Generator Selection and Design
Reaction Chemistry Chemical Formula Theoretical Yield (%) Reaction Efficiency (%) Effective Yield (%) Inherent Safety ClO2 Purity Service Complexity Pros Cons
Sodium Chlorite & Gaseous Chlorine 2NaClO2 + Cl2

2ClO2  + 2NaCl

100 95+ 95+ High – with vacuum based systems
  • Excellent
  • Slight excess of Cl2
  • Lowest Cost
  • Less by-products than chlorate reaction
  • Gas Cl2 on site
Sodium Chlorite, Hypochlorite, Hydrochloric Acid 2NaClO2 + NaOCl + 2HCl

2ClO2 + 3NaCl +H2O

100 95+ 95+ High – with vacuum based systems
  • Excellent
  • Can substitute other acids
  • Minimal excess chlorine
  • Least amount of by-products
  • Three Chemicals
  • Cost $/lb 30% more than chlorite/chlorine
Sodium Chlorite & Hydrochloric Acid 5NaClO2 + 4HCl

4ClO2 + 5NaCl + 2H2O

80 90+ 72+ Low, with traditional pump based systems
  • OK
  • Excess acidity and unreacted chlorite
  • Substitute other acids
  • No excess Cl2
  • Good for low volume applications
  • Simple equipment
  • Lowest efficiency
  • Highest Cost/Lb.
  • 3-4X overfeed of acid required
Sodium Chlorate, Hydrogen Peroxide & Sulfuric Acid NaClO3 + ½ H2O2 + ½ H2SO4

ClO2 + ½ Na2SO4 + ½ O2 + H2O
100 90-95 95 Has real risks that must be considered
  • Purity isn’t as good
  • Excess acidity
  • Perchlorate
  • Chrome
  • Lowest cost
  • Eliminates gas chlorine
  • Less chloride ion
  • Very hazardous chemicals
  • pH leaving generator very low
  • 4X overfeed of acid
  • Other by-products

Each of these methods will generate chlorine dioxide but some reactions will be more efficient, some will have less by-products, and others will have different operating costs. In most cases, we try to use existing chemical precursors (are already in use in your plant) to minimize bringing new chemicals on site.

Generator Cost

The cost of a chlorine dioxide generator depends on several variables, including:

  • Generator type
  • Tank options
  • Flow pacing
  • Plant flow range
  • Capacity range
  • Power available
  • Site constraints

International Dioxide custom engineers generators to fulfill all of these variables. That’s why we produce custom quotes for pricing upon request.

In addition to an outright purchase, we also offer several cost options for chlorine dioxide generators, including:

  • Lease of a new generator over a desired term
  • Monthly rentals of a generator
  • Refurbished generators for discounted sale, lease, or rental
  • Trial generators for short proof of concepts
  • Bundled sales where the cost of the equipment is included in the price of the chemical

Generator Maintenance and Support

The most successful applications of chlorine dioxide are supported by a team of engineers, application experts, and field service personnel that are highly knowledgeable in chlorine dioxide chemistry and the handling of the chemical precursors.

Our technical resources are available to troubleshoot problems and have full access to drawings, operating manuals, parts lists and more – even when generators are over 25 years old.

International Dioxcide’s team of experts provide this and much more. We’ve seen too many applications of chlorine dioxide that are poorly designed and nearly impossible to operate. Unfortunately, this experience can drive people to explore alternative chemistries. Don’t risk your application or the safety of your employees. Contact us and trust our team to find a solution.

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