Industrial Disinfectant for Large-Scale Applications

An effective alternative to quaternary ammonium salts, hydrogen peroxide or bleach

International Dioxcide now provides Anthium™ Dioxcide as an ideal commercial disinfectant alternative for killing the SARS-CoV-2 virus, as well as a wide spectrum of viruses, bacteria, fungi, and algae. Anthium™ Dioxcide contains chlorine dioxide, an EPA- and FDA-approved disinfectant, which has been used for large scale COVID-19 disinfection throughout public spaces in China, Italy and Spain since March 2020.

Anthium™ Dioxcide is ideal for treating hard, non-porous surfaces in a variety of settings, including airports, colleges, food and beverage facilities, hospitals, nursing homes, office buildings, schools, train stations and even ventilation ducts.

A Versatile Commercial Disinfectant

Anthium™ Dioxcide is a versatile commercial grade disinfectant ⎼ intended for use by restoration and remediation and/or janitorial professionals ⎼ because it:

  • Kills the SARS-CoV-2 Virus (EPA-approved)
  • Disinfects viruses (EPA-approved for emerging viral pathogens, EPA List N)
  • Acts as a broad spectrum biocide over wide temperature ranges
  • Penetrates hard-to-reach areas as a dissolved gas in water
  • Selectively targets microorganisms resulting in lower dosages than other chemistries
  • Penetrates biofilms effectively
  • Addresses mold, mildew and Legionella
  • Avoids the formation of chlorinated organics (environmentally friendly)

Commercial Application

Once activated, Anthium™ Dioxcide can be sprayed, mopped or sponged onto hard, non-porous surfaces. It is available in four quantities for immediate distribution throughout the United States and Canada:

  • 5-gallon
  • 55-gallon
  • 275-gallon
  • 330-gallon
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Unmatched Technical Expertise

International Dioxcide is the leading producer of chlorine dioxide in North America, with more than 70 years of chemical, manufacturing, and safety expertise. Please contact us to determine whether Anthium™ Dioxcide is appropriate for your intended use(s) and to request a quote.