A Leading Chlorine Dioxide Provider

International Dioxcide is the leading chlorine dioxide chemical and equipment supplier for commercial use in North America (U.S., Canada and Mexico). For 70+ years, we’ve supplied quality ingredients and educated thousands of organizations on how to safely manufacture chlorine dioxide and effectively implement large-scale water treatment disinfection solutions for EPA and FDA-approved applications.

Our Competitive Advantages

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A Superior Product

Chlorine dioxide is generated on-site using either precursor sodium chlorite or sodium chlorate. These precursors meet the strictest quality and compliance standards in the USA and Canada, including AWWA B303-19, NSF 60 and EN 938 quality standards.

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Leading Expertise

With over 70 years of chlorine dioxide experience, International Dioxcide delivers unmatched chlorine dioxide manufacturing, safety, and regulatory know-how to successfully guide your implementation.

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Scalable Solutions

Custom engineered ClO2 manufacturing equipment, expertise, and pricing to meet your specific treatment needs.

Who We Serve

We serve a range of industries, such as municipal water departments, oil & gas companies, industrial plants (including cooling towers), breweries, food manufacturers, hospitals, refineries, and more.

We help our customers address:

  • Regulatory compliance issues
  • Microbial issues where bleach or chlorine is no longer effective
  • Opportunities to replace bleach or chlorine for large volume water disinfection
  • Wastewater effluents
  • Industrial odor control

Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide

International Dioxcide offers a large group of stabilized chlorine dioxide products under the trade name Anthium™. Each of the products is EPA-approved and carry ANSI/NSF Standard 60 drinking water additive certification.

Our EPA-approved stablized chlorine dioxide products include:

  • Anthium™ BCD-200
  • Anthium™ Dioxcide
  • Anthium™ CRTU

We also supply Endimal™, a line of stabilized chlorine dioxide products for non-pesticidal applications requiring odor or oxidative applications. All Endimal™ chlorine dioxide solutions are offered in 5-gallon pails, 55-gallon drums, 275-gallon totes, and tank truck quantities to suit your particular requirements.

Chlorine Dioxide Products
EPA Registered Non-Registered
Anthium™ C-RTU Endimal ™ 200
Anthium™ C-20 Endimal ™ M
Anthium™ BCD-200 Aquabon
Anthium™ Dioxide Endimal ™ 500
Anthium™ AGP Endimal ™ 500
Endimal ™ C
Endimal ™ 1000
Endimal ™ 1500
Endimal ™ PT
Endimal ™ SH

Frequently Asked Questions

Chlorine dioxide when handled, generated, and applied correctly, is safe to use with the right expertise for its chemistry, safe equipment design, and training support. For more than 70 years, International Dioxide has safely produced chlorine dioxide on-site for thousands of organizations and for a variety of applications.

Chlorine dioxide is usually produced as a gas dissolved in a water solution starting with a sodium chlorite solution and one of the following methods; reaction with chlorine gas, or reaction with sodium hypochlorite and an acid, or reaction with an acid, typically hydrochloric acid. Efficient generation of chlorine dioxide is reliant on proper precursor ratios and mixing for a given method.

Chlorine dioxide is used in a wide variety of food, industrial, oil & gas, and municipal drinking water applications around the world for disinfection and oxidation purposes. It replaces traditional chlorine, bleach, or other biocides — that produce undesirable by-products during the disinfection process — in order to meet stringent regulatory compliance requirements.

Chlorine dioxide is almost exclusively produced on site due to the amount of ClO2 typically required for an application. This is in conjunction with the elevated cost of shipping 99.7% water as a hazardous substance and potential safety issues in the event of a transportation incident.

Get answers to other commonly-asked questions about chlorine dioxide on our FAQ page.

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