ADOX™ Microflow Generator

A Versatile Generator for Multiple Industry, Municipal Applications

The ADOX™ Microflow incorporates the learnings gained over 70 years of developing safe, reliable, and easy-to-operate chlorine dioxide generators. The ADOX™ Microflow generator utilizes an on-demand tank module to safely and cost-effectively deliver chlorine dioxide solutions. The addition of the new on-demand tank module allows you to dose into both low volume and high-pressure applications. The ADOX™ Microflow is also modular, allowing for easy customization to meet site specific requirements.

The ADOX™ Microflow chlorine dioxide generator utilizes one of two standard ClO2 reaction chemistries to efficiently generate up to 75 pounds per day (PPD) of ClO2. The inherently safe educator-based generator is operated by the presence of water flow. This system is also equipped with a tank bypass for those applications that need the ability to produce more ClO2 during seasonal changes up to 75 PPD of ClO2.

ADOX™ Microflow generator unlocks highly efficient (>95%) chlorine dioxide generation for low volume applications at a much more reasonable cost. Ideal applications include small municipalities, legionella control, cooling systems, odor scrubbers, process water disinfection, irrigation water, food processing, food sanitation, and bottle washing applications.

Easy Installation

The ADOX™ Microflow is manufactured so that all desired modules are already interconnected. This allows for a rapid installation at your facility and minimizes skilled labor resources. Each generator is safety engineered to reduce the hazards of operating and servicing the generator. We extensively use low voltage components reducing electrical hazards and designs that allow the Microflow to be easily flushed, reducing chemical hazards. Each of the optional features is easy to integrate because of the modular design with simple connections. Pipe unions and high-quality tubing fittings are used for fast and reliable connections.

  • 1-1/4″ water inlet with minimum 10 GPM @ 40 PSI
  • Precursor chemicals with chemical wands to be placed at the same elevation of the generator within 5 feet of the generator
  • The ADOX™ Microflow is engineered to be on demand tank fill with several out of tank dosing options depending on site specific customer requirements

Layout 1:

ADOX™ Microflow Generator process illustration

Layout 2:

ADOX™ Microflow Generator illustration

Interactive 3-D Model

ClO2 can be produced in the ADOX™ Microflow generator with two common reactions chemistries:

  • The three-part ClO2 generator reacts 25% sodium chlorite, 12.5% Sodium Hypochlorite (bleach), and 15% Hydrochloric Acid to generate chlorine dioxide. Additionally, <20% sulfuric acid (H2SO4) can be substituted for hydrochloric acid (HCl) with no change in the performance efficiency. The HCl reaction is shown below:

2NaClO2 + NaOCl + 2HCl → 2ClO2 + 3NaCl + H2O

  • The two-part ClO2 generator reacts 25% sodium chlorite and chlorine gas to generate chlorine dioxide. This is the most cost-effective generator reaction if chlorine gas is available. The reaction is shown below:

2NaClO2 + Cl2 → 2ClO2 + 2NaCl

Both chemical reactions listed above can theoretically yields 100% conversion of sodium chlorite to chlorine dioxide and a generator efficiency of greater than 95% of the theoretical yield is achievable.

Basic Features

  • Eductor-based vacuum design for safety (no chemical pumps)
  • Proven reaction chemistries (chlorite, bleach, and acid or chlorite and chlorine gas)
  • Greater than 95% reaction efficiency
  • Produces up to 75 lbs/day of ClO2
  • Inherently safe, vacuum reaction designed to ensure safe chlorine dioxide generation
  • Modular design for a custom application fit

Additional Options

  • Offers alarms for any measured condition that is not as expected
  • ClO2 analyzers and safety monitors are available

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