The Leading Sodium Chlorite Supplier

International Dioxcide is the largest producer and distributor of bulk sodium chlorite for commercial use in North America (U.S., Canada and Mexico). Our premium grade chemicals are EPA-approved and ANSI/NSF certified.  As a Responsible Care® company, International Dioxcide meets the strictest health, safety, and security standards set forth by the American Chemistry Council.

Superior Products

Our sodium chlorite products — under the ERCOPure™ brand — offer the highest purity with less chloride. They’re proven solutions for oxidative and odor control applications, and all carry ANSI/NSF 60 approvals for drinking water and have KOSHER certifications.

Additionally, our ERCOPure™ BCD product line is a leading biocidal solution that meets the  strictest quality and performance standards for disinfection or sanitation in a wide array of uses. It is FDA approved and carries EPA-registered labels in all U.S. States.

Sodium Chlorite Product Chart

Sodium Chlorite Product Chart
NaClO2 Concentration ERCOPure™ Safety Data Sheet EPA (USA) ANSI / NSF 60 (USA) Kosher (USA) EN938 Type 1 (EU) AWWA B-303-10 (USA)
7.5% BCD-7.5 Spec. Sheet BCD-7.5 SDS yes yes yes yes yes
15.0% BCD-15 Spec. Sheet BCD-15 SDS yes yes yes yes yes
25.0% BCD-25 Spec. Sheet BCD-25 SDS yes yes yes yes yes
31.0% BCD-31 Spec. Sheet BCD-31 SDS yes yes yes yes yes
7.5% 7.5 Spec. Sheet 7.5 SDS yes yes yes yes
15.0% 15 Spec. Sheet 15 SDS yes yes yes yes
25.0% 25 Spec. Sheet 25 SDS yes yes yes yes
31.0% 31 Spec. Sheet 31 SDS yes yes yes yes
37.0% 37 Spec. Sheet 37 SDS yes yes yes yes

A Fast And Reliable Bulk Sodium Chlorite Provider

Our two independent sodium chlorite production facilities, along with our extensive distribution network of supply terminals located nationwide, ensures a reliable supply of ERCOPure™ sodium chlorite. International Dioxcide also owns a dedicated fleet of 55 specially-lined railcars that allows us to more efficiently fulfill orders and deliver at a competitive price.

Our wide range of sodium chlorite package and bulk delivery options include:

  • 5-Gallon Pails
  • 55-Gallon Drums
  • 275-Gallon IBCs
  • 330-Gallon IBCs
  • Tank Wagon quantities (maximum 45,000 lbs)
  • Railcar (maximum 190,000 lbs)


International Dioxcide, an ERCO Worldwide Company, is based in North Kingstown, Rhode Island. We also have several distribution facilities positioned strategically throughout the U.S. and Canada for timely and efficient delivery of chemical solutions and equipment.

bulk sodium chlorite locations of international dioxide

Unmatched Expertise

As part of our Responsible Care® certification, our engineers and staff undergo rigorous in-house safety and environmental training to abide by all OSHA regulations and help make your chlorine dioxide experience safe, sustainable, and successful. We offer more than 70 years of chlorine dioxide chemical, equipment, application, regulatory, and safety experience, which is unmatched in the industry.

Bottom line: Our focus on safety helps ensure that the supplied sodium chlorite chemical and chlorine dioxide equipment are designed, handled, and applied in a manner that will safely meet your treatment objectives. Our staff is available to support your application requirements, which can include on-site service, site surveys, PSSR, PHA, commissioning, laboratory analysis, and logistics.

Who We Serve

We supply the ERCOPure™ sodium chlorite to a variety of industries, such as municipal water, oil and gas, industrial plants, breweries, food manufacturers, hospitals, refineries, and more.  We help them address:

  • Regulatory compliance issues
  • Microbial issues where bleach or chlorine is no longer effective
  • Opportunities to replace bleach or chlorine for large volume water disinfection
  • Wastewater effluents
  • Industrial odor control

Frequently Asked Questions

Sodium chlorite is mainly used to generate chlorine dioxide for treating and disinfecting municipal drinking water or water used in food manufacturing, oil & gas, and other industrial processes. It may also be used for bleaching and stripping textiles, pulp or paper. It is even used for odor control oxidation and etching in electronics.

Sodium chlorite is the sodium salt (and a precursor) of chlorine dioxide. Sodium chlorite is typically sold as a solution and is used to generate chlorine dioxide via chemical reaction. This is typically carried out in a generator on-site of the application. Chlorine dioxide is a gas, which is generally dissolved in water when it is made and the resulting solution applied to the application for various uses such as disinfection, odor control, bleaching, and oxidation.

Yes, ERCOPure sodium chlorite solutions are oxidizing in nature and, as such, they need to stored appropriately and separated from incompatible materials such as acids, reducing agents, and flammable materials. In solution form, the primary hazard is their corrosivity. Great care should be taken to prevent spilled solutions of sodium chlorite from drying to a white salt crystal, which then becomes a fire hazard.

ERCOPure™ sodium chlorite solution is made from electrolysis of high-quality salt brine and then converted to chlorine dioxide with an acid. From there, the pure chlorine dioxide gas is stripped from this solution and converted to sodium chlorite with ultra-pure water, hydrogen peroxide, and caustic soda.

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