About Chlorine Dioxide

Used by consumers for deodorization and disinfection purposes, and by the oil and gas industry for petrochemical applications, chlorine dioxide (ClO2) quickly kills a broad spectrum of organisms, purifying water and providing antibacterial properties. Chlorine dioxide is used extensively for the following performance attributes:

  • Reduction in trihalomethane (THM) formation potential
  • Biofilm reduction and prevention
  • Hard surface sanitizer
  • Enhanced disinfection contact time (CT) credits
  • Reduction in bromate ion formation potential
  • Iron/manganese oxidation
  • Hydrogen sulfide / mercaptin oxidation
  • Taste/odor reduction
  • Enhanced coagulation/filtration
  • Broad spectrum disinfection
  • Virus inactivation
  • Reduced nitrification in chloraminated waters
  • Kills mold
  • Residual protection
  • Effective through a broad range on pH
  • Selective oxidizer


For more than 70 years, ClO2 has been used commercially in water treatment applications. It is typically produced at the point of application by combining sodium chlorite (NaClO2) with an oxidizing agent and/or an acid source to form ClO2. In this process called generation, NaClO2 chemistry is the preferred precursor to form ClO2. NaClO2 safely provides cleaner/purer ClO2 solutions with less by-products than alternative precursor generation methods. As supplied, NaClO2 solutions are typically used in oxidative applications and exhibit very limited biocidal potency until converted to ClO2. Sodium chlorite solutions, which are generally recognized as corrosive liquids, have a very stable shelf life and carry a variety of regulatory approvals, depending on the application and country of use.

Producing an outstanding line of quality ADOX™ sodium chlorite / chlorine dioxide (ClO2) precursors and Anthium™ stabilized chemical products, matched with highly efficient ADOX™ generator and activation systems, is a core competency of International Dioxcide. Customizing the technology to meet specific application requirements allows our customers to stay in front of the ever-changing world of regulatory compliance and oxidative performance.

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About International Dioxcide, Inc.

The ClO2 business of International Dioxcide, a division of ERCO Worldwide, brings with it over 70 years of experience in providing innovative solutions in chlorine dioxide technologies and applications. For the past 40 years, we have been engineering, fabricating, installing and maintaining ClO2 generators. All systems are engineered for simplicity and reliability, and they are designed to meet the highest safety standards. We have the experience of over 1,000 installations.

Our technical experts have extensive water treatment experience and expertise in a wide variety of industrial, municipal, wastewater, food, and oil and gas applications. They are uniquely qualified to help develop the optimum treatment protocol for your application. International Dioxcide also has a team of dedicated, highly trained sales and technical experts who are available to help solve specific water-related problems that our customers may have.

ADOX™, Anthium™ and Endimal™ are trademarks of International Dioxcide, Inc. and registered in many countries worldwide.

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