ADOX™ MG II Generator

Chlorine Dioxide Generating Systems

The ADOX™ MG II platform engineered by International Dioxcide is a complete chlorine dioxide generator in a self-contained modular design that is easy to install and requires a small footprint. The ADOX™ MG II uses chlorine gas to react with the precursor sodium chlorite to generate chlorine dioxide and is certified by NSF for standard 61.

A supply of potable quality water, precursor chemical feed lines, a chlorine dioxide application line, and a power feed are the only connections required for most ADOX™ MG II installations.

The critical design principle in the ADOX™ MG II generator is the reaction and delivery of chlorine dioxide in a safe, reliable, and easy-to-operate manner. All ADOX™ generators are affordable and safe, highly efficient systems that can typically be installed and operating in one to two days.

Installation Is Easy

The ADOX™ MG II is manufactured so that all desired modules are already interconnected. This allows for a rapid installation at your facility and minimizes skilled labor resources. Each generator is safety engineered to reduce the hazards of operating and servicing the generator. We extensively use low voltage components to reduce electrical hazards and all generators are designed to be easily flushed to minimize any chemical hazards on shutdown. Each of the optional features are easy to integrate because of the modular design with simple connections. Pipe unions and high-quality tubing fittings are used for fast and reliable connections.

Engineering Considerations And Support

International Dioxcide engineers, designs, manufactures, and tests its chlorine dioxide generators with in-house resources. Each generator is tested to ensure the machine meets your specification in your environment. This ensures smooth installation and commissioning.

Custom Configurations

International Dioxcide custom engineers chlorine dioxide generators to meet the needs of any unusual application requirement. International Dioxcide’s support capabilities include the required technological and analytical capabilities necessary to assess and design specific treatment needs and to help deliver the desired performance objectives.

International Dioxcide also offers on-site customer assistance programs that are tailored to support the successful application of chlorine dioxide at your facility.

The ADOX™ MG II is used when chlorine gas is available onsite. The ADOX™ MG II uses chlorine gas to react with the precursor sodium chlorite to generate chlorine dioxide as shown below.

2NaClO2 + Cl2→ 2ClO2 + 2NaCl

This reaction theoretically yields 100% conversion of sodium chlorite to chlorine dioxide and a generator efficiency of greater than 95% of the theoretical yield is achievable. Alternative reaction chemistry using different precursors are also available from International Dioxcide. Capacities can range from 30 pounds per day to 10,000 pounds per day.

The ADOX™ MG II design centers around a safe, reliable, and easy-to-operate chlorine dioxide generator platform. The ADOX™ MG II utilizes an eductor so that the precursor chemicals are drawn from their storage under vacuum and remain under vacuum until the safely diluted reaction is complete. The proper flow of the motive water through International Dioxcide’s eductor-based technology creates a vacuum, which ensures that chemicals are only drawn into the generator when motive water is flowing. This approach minimizes any chance for precursor leakage or unsafe chemical reactions.

The vacuum-based ADOX™ MG II design eliminates the need for metering pumps with their inherent need for frequent maintenance, reliability problems, and concerns with high pressure leaks of hazardous chemicals. If the motive water supply water is lost, vacuum is no longer being created and chemicals will stop being pulled into the generator. The ADOX™ MG II chemical reaction takes place in the dilution water to ensure that the chemical concentrations are proportionally maintained at a safe level, whereas, this would not be the case with metering pumps or pre-reaction type designs.

The ADOX™ MG II utilizes a simple and easy-to-learn operational interaction between the user and the generator equipment making the task of operating the generator effortless. To ensure reliable operation International Dioxcide engineers selected generator components that have met International Dioxcide’s stringent standards for quality and reliability during the company’s 70+ years of operation. If service is needed the user-friendly design layout will make the repair easy for trained staff.  All electrical systems are audited to UL 508 standards.

The ADOX™ MG II generator has a flexible alarm architecture that allows you to configure most alarms. You are able to configure the system to alarm on practically any measured condition that is not as expected. These include:

  • Loss of motive (or supply) water flow or pressure deviations
  • Water valve failure
  • Loss of power
  • Loss of chemical precursor(s)
  • Bulk chemical supply alarm (selectable feature)
  • pH deviation (selectable feature)
  • Emergency stop activation

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