PurDOX™: An Effective Substitute for Chlorate/Peroxide Based Precursors for Chlorine Dioxide

International Dioxcide is North America’s leader in chlorine dioxide generation for biocidal and oxidative water treatment applications. Our proprietary solution of sodium chlorate and hydrogen peroxide, called PurDOX™, is introduced to sulfuric acid to produce chlorine dioxide.

Similar to alternative precursor technologies, International Dioxcide’s PurDOX™ solution effectively produces chlorine dioxide to help municipal water facilities and industrial plants address:

  • Regulatory compliance issues for an existing water disinfection system
  • Microbial issues where bleach or chlorine is no longer effective
  • Opportunities to replace bleach or chlorine for large volume water disinfection
  • Treating effluents for odors and/or contaminants found in industrial processes

PurDOX™ also fulfills regulatory compliance needs; it carries EPA-registered labels and is ANSI/NSF 60 certified.

chemical formula for PurDOX™

Safe and Reliable On-Site Generation

International Dioxcide has custom designed, fabricated, and installed more than 1,000 chlorine dioxide generators for on-site application. Our PurDOX™ generator is safe, reliable, and easy to operate. Our engineers will help make your chlorine dioxide experience safe, sustainable, and successful. As a Responsible Care company, International Dioxcide meets the strictest health, safety and security standards set forth by the American Chemistry Council.

rendering of a PurDOX™ generator

PurDOX™ VB Generator
100-700 lbs/day

World-Leading Producer of Sodium Chlorate

We’re one of the largest basic producers of sodium chlorate in North America, with two strategically located production facilities. We’re both a fast and reliable sodium chlorate supplier that fulfills all EPA data requirements. 

As a PurDOX™ precursor, our sodium chlorate solution is available in 275-gallon intermediate bulk containers or tank wagons with a max quantity of 45,000 lbs.

International Dioxcide is a leading sodium chlorate supplier

Georgia Water Authority Saves 17% on Water Treatment Costs by Switching to PurDOX™

The water utilities’ conversion from the incumbent chlorate-based chemistry to PurDOX™ technology was seamless. It reduced annual chemical costs by 17% and water quality staff acknowledged the consistent results in disinfectant dosage and DBP’s in the water authority’s effluent. The switch also increased personnel safety with the elimination of precursor pumps to minimize chemical exposure risks.

Georgia Water Authority Saves 17% on Water Treatment Costs by Switching to PurDOX™

Large Municipal Plant Uses PurDOX™ to Treat 150 MGD of Potable Water

The results from the field trial conducted using PurDOX™ BCD to generate chlorine dioxide validated the excellent operability and efficiency of the technology. There was no statistically significant change in chemical usage and the treated water DBP residual concentrations were similar, if not lower, when compared to the incumbent chemistry.

PurDOX™ was used to treat 150 million gallons per day at a municipal plant

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