Simple, Safe, and Low-Cost Production of 7 to 30 lbs/day of Chlorine Dioxide

The ADOX™ MiniAC chlorine dioxide generator uses a hydrochloric acid/sodium chlorite reaction chemistry to efficiently generate 7 lbs. to 30 lbs. of chlorine dioxide daily without the need for any electrical hookups. This educator-based generator is activated and deactivated by the presence of water flow, and is certified by NSF under standard 61.

This innovative solution unlocks the biocidal power of chlorine dioxide for low volume applications where high equipment cost was previously prohibitive. This includes cooling systems, odor scrubbers, process water disinfection, irrigation water, food processing, sanitation, and bottle washing, among others.

This brief video demonstrates the MiniAC’s simple operational features, its minimal components, and conversion efficiency.

With 70 years of proven experience, International Dioxcide continues to be the leading solution provider of chlorine dioxide chemistry application, know-how, and reliable, onsite chlorine dioxide generators. Chlorine dioxide chemistry has been in use commercially since the 1940s, providing biocidal control in a variety of applications, including potable water, food, odor control, brewing and beverage, and cooling applications.

Unfortunately, the adoption of chlorine dioxide chemistry has been limited due to the need to generate chlorine dioxide at the point of application using very complicated and expensive equipment offerings. The ADOX MiniAC addresses these limitations, with a compact new design that is as easy to operate as a drum and pump solution—and at a price point that is similar to the cost of a pump. Let’s take a look at how the ADOX MiniAC works.

The ADOX MiniAC is a very robust, eductor based non-electrical chlorine dioxide generator that eliminates the capital expenditures typically associated with chlorine dioxide systems and simplifies the user experience. The ADOX MiniAC uses the traditional sodium chloride and hydrochloric acid reaction chemistry to generate chlorine dioxide with production ranging between seven to 30 pounds per day.

This system consistently delivers over 90% of the theoretical conversion efficiency to chlorine dioxide throughout the full production range. Only four connections are required. The mode water inlet, the 7.5% sodium chloride inlet, the 15% hydrochloric acid inlet, and the chlorine dioxide solution outlet.

The ADOX MiniAC utilizes an eductor based design to safely generate chlorine dioxide without any electricity requirements. To start chlorine dioxide production, motive water must be flowing through the three-way diverter valve on the ADOX MiniAC generator, allowing the six-inch column to partially fill while water is flowing through the generator. Once water is flowing, the three-way diverter valve will be manually turned towards the eductor to create vacuum. Once sufficient vacuum is created, the shutoff valves are open and the 7.5% sodium chloride solution and the 15% hydrochloric acid chemical solution are safely drawn into the ADOX MiniAC generator. The sodium chloride and hydrochloric acid are reacted together while surrounded by water for safety.

This ensures the highest possible potential conversion efficiency of sodium chlorite to chlorine dioxide in the reactor chamber is achieved. This mixture is then pulled into the eductor where the chlorine dioxide is diluted to a safe concentration with water. The chlorine dioxide solution now enters the primary mode water flow for further dilution. Prior to exiting the ADOX MiniAC generator for optimal safety, the final concentration of chlorine dioxide exiting the ADOX MiniAC should be between one and 50 PPM, depending on your specific application.

The embedded rate valves at the top of the six-inch column allow the generator to be adjusted to your desired production rate. Check valves ensure that the chlorine dioxide solution is not backing up into the chemical feed lines. Optional rotameters can also be utilized for easier chlorine dioxide rate control. An optional electrical package will enable the ADOX MiniAC to run in different operational modes, allowing for auto on/off, duty cycle, and ORP control. Additional optional features include shut down package that ensures the eductor motive water supply and the chemical feed lines are shut off when not an operation and a stainless-steel frame.

International Dioxide’s ADOX MiniAC is a technological breakthrough in chlorine dioxide generation engineered to meet the toughest safety requirements. With over 1,000 generators installed globally and dedicated sales and service resources located throughout the Americas, International Dioxide is committed to providing customers with safe, reliable, and cost-effective chlorine dioxide solutions.

Why do customers choose us? For our focus on safety, engineering, application know-how, supply and logistics, regulatory knowledge, equipment capabilities, service and application support, ability to solve tough customer problems, and our overall ClO2 capabilities unmatched in the industry. Generating chlorine dioxide doesn’t get any easier.

Installation Made Easy

The ADOX™ MiniAC is engineered to be installed in a continuously running process water line or a slipstream of that line back to the basin.

  • 1″ water inlet with minimum 6 GPM @ 40 PSI
  • Minimum of 1″ ClO2 outlet to application @ less than 10 PSI back pressure at generator outlet
  • Two chemical containers with chemical wands to be placed at the same elevation of the generator within 5 feet of the generator

The ADOX™ MiniAC generator reacts 7.5% sodium chlorite with 15% hydrochloric acid to generate chlorine dioxide. Chlorine gas is not used in this reaction. The reaction is shown below.

  • 5 NaClO2 + 4 HCl 4 ClO2 + 5 NaCl + 2 H2O
  • This reaction theoretically yields 80% conversion of sodium chlorite to chlorine dioxide
  • Generator efficiency of greater than 95% of the theoretical yield is achievable

Basic Features

  • Minimal equipment investment cost
  • Eductor-based vacuum design for safety (no chemical pumps)
  • Proven reaction chemistry (acid/chlorite)
  • 7-30 lb./day of ClO2, using 7.5% chlorite / 15% HCI
  • 95% reaction efficiency
  • Check valves and foot valves on all chemicals to minimize back flow
  • Inherently safe reaction chamber with mechanisms to ensure chlorine dioxide is safely produced

Additional Options

  • Basic Automation Package: Provides water and chemical valves controlled by the customer. The customer simply provides a dry contact closure and a 24-volt supply.
  • Rotameter Package: For flow verification.
  • Advanced Automation Package: Requires Basic Automation Package and provides on/off timer and 24-volt supply.
  • Stainless steel mounting stand.

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