Chlorine Dioxide for Odor Control and Rendering

Chlorine dioxide (ClO2) controls odors in water by destroying hydrogen sulfide through chemical oxidation. Using an odor scrubber, chlorine dioxide solutions may be added directly to the water that contains the odorous compound for quick and cost-effective oxidations.

odor gage

Many plants have experienced complaints associated with unpleasant odors resulting from production operations. These complaints plus increasing governmental regulations on water discharges and air emissions have necessitated new approaches. Chlorine dioxide has been effectively used in this application for over 40 years and has an added advantage over traditional oxidative chemistries in that it will selectively react with only the odorous sulfide and mercaptans resulting in a much lower dose than other oxidizers and delivering favorable economics.

Chlorine dioxide, when used as an oxidant for odors in rendering facilities, is a powerful oxidant with biocidal efficacy second only to ozone, but without the high capital expenditures.  At typical usage rates, chlorine dioxide should not impact waste treatment. Dosage can be controlled by an ORP system to help ensure simple, economical and efficient control of the chlorine dioxide solution even when incoming odor constituents and concentrations vary greatly.

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