ABOUT International Dioxcide

The International Dioxcide business is built on 65 years of ClO2 experience and knowledge as the recognized industry leader. International Dioxcide offers world-class expertise in the design, fabrication, installation, and operation of ClO2 water treatment technology to provide unrivalled levels of reliability, safety and cost efficiency in water treatment facilities.

International Dioxcide offers cost-effective water treatment solutions in five major sectors:

International Dioxcide is the industry leader in every aspect of chlorine dioxide generator fabrication to meet customers’ site-specific needs, including design, chemical logistics and handling, equipment supply and installation, ClO2 generation, distribution, dosing control and monitoring. We provide reliable chlorite supply and assistance to customers in the area of regulatory compliance and logistical needs. Our sales force maintains an ongoing relationship with customers to offer quality assistance with servicing, problem solving and upgrades. International Dioxcide has been setting standards in the delivery of ClO2 chemistry and technology. We hold a substantial number of patents and continually have new products, technologies and applications under development.

International Dioxcide designs and fabricates all ClO2 generators with in-house resources. As a complete solution provider, we can respond quickly to resolve any issues – saving you valuable time and money. On-site generation of ClO2 using either two or three-chemical precursors is essentially a self-contained ClO2 production plant on-site. When choosing ClO2 generation equipment, it is important to not only ensure that the company selling the equipment has the technical capabilities needed to support the technology, but to also consider the safety and reliability of the equipment.

For the past 40 years, International Dioxcide has been engineering, fabricating, installing and maintaining ClO2 generators. All systems are engineered for simplicity and reliability, and they are designed to meet the highest safety standards. We have the experience of over 1000 installations. We have put in place a team of highly trained sales and technical experts who are available to help solve specific water-related problems that customers may have. Our technical experts have extensive water treatment experience and expertise in a wide variety of industrial, municipal and food applications. They are uniquely qualified to help develop the optimum treatment protocol for your application. In addition, International Dioxcide also has a team of dedicated, highly trained sales and technical experts who are available to help solve specific water-related problems that our customers may have.

In many instances, ClO2 is used to meet regulatory compliance requirements. A key element in any successful application of ClO2 is an understanding of the local regulatory requirements for each specific application. The regulatory knowledge requirement applies to both the chemical precursor, sodium chlorite, as well as the on-site generated ClO2 solution. Our regulatory experts are available to assist with questions you may have pertaining to local approvals. Our regulatory expertise also includes knowledge regarding the associated by-products of ClO2 in water and how they might impact your specific application. If needed, we can assist you in dealing with your local regulatory authorities. We can also provide educational training seminars to your employees and regulatory authorities.

Our dedicated team of sales professionals, field technicians and engineering specialists work with customers to establish the best system for their site, maintain an ongoing relationship to ensure satisfactory operation, deal with any issues that arise, or plan upgrades when necessary or desirable.

Value of Working with International Dioxcide

  • Our intense focus on safety
  • 60 years of proven ClO2 experience
  • Our comprehensive service
  • Expert knowledge of every aspect
  • A track record of solving problems
  • Greater reliability of chlorite supply
  • Logistical expertise and training
  • Expertise in regulatory compliance
  • Our scale and capability
  • Peace of mind for our customers
  • Over 1000 ClO2 generator installations

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