Chlorine Dioxide for Potable Water Treatment

A versatile broad-spectrum disinfectant, chlorine dioxide (ClO2) is an effective tool for the treatment of potable water. It is a powerful disinfectant that effectively balances purification performance and disinfection by-product formation. Chlorine dioxide is one of four EPA-approved disinfectants for drinking water with CT values second only to ozone in biocidal efficacy, but without the ozonation by-products or high capital expense.

Chlorine dioxide offers utility companies a quick and simple solution to THM and HAA regulatory compliance without costly plant upgrades. Chlorine dioxide can help with your specific potable water treatment needs.

Primary Disinfection Requirements

The broad-spectrum disinfection properties of chlorine dioxide (ClO2) result in lower CT value than traditional chlorine treatment and enhance a plant’s ability to achieve compliance. Chlorine dioxide offers utility companies a simple solution to meet primary disinfection requirements.

Effective Taste and Odor Control for Potable Water

Potable water plants may experience unpleasant tastes and odors in finished waters. Chlorine dioxide (ClO2) is effective in oxidizing low-threshold odor compounds at typical treatment dosages and has the advantage of not chlorinating organics.

Realistic Iron and Manganese Solutions for Potable Water Treatment

Iron and manganese concerns affect more water systems than almost any other quality issue and are the root cause of most customer complaints received by water facilities. Chlorine dioxide (ClO2) offers a realistic solution to intermittent or year-round iron and manganese problems.

Effective Nitrification Control for Potable Water Systems

Nitrification is a microbial process by which reduced nitrogen compounds (primarily ammonia) are sequentially oxidized to nitrite and nitrate. To maintain compliance with disinfection byproduct (DBP) rules, chlorine dioxide (ClO2), in extremely low dosages, is very effective in controlling episodes of nitrification.

Proven Zebra Mussel Control

The widespread invasion of zebra mussels has led to infestations that can completely clog water intake facilities and cause plant shutdowns. Chlorine dioxide (ClO2) is a proven oxidant for controlling population growth and contamination.

Total Consulting Services for Potable Water Treatment

The ClO2 business of International Dioxcide provides the technological and analytical capabilities required to assess and design specific treatment needs, and offers the total ongoing customer assistance necessary to support new applications. These high-efficiency, cost-effective control systems are easy to maintain and fully serviced by the business.

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