Georgia Water Utility Saves 17% on Water Treatment Costs by Switching to PurDOX™

A large water utility safely and efficiently produces chlorine dioxide on site to treat up to 90 MGD of drinking water


A large water authority treats up to 90 million gallons/day of drinking water for more than 190,000 metered customers. In 2022, the utility sought a new chemical and equipment servicing provider to replace a proprietary chlorine dioxide (ClO2) generation system in use for many years. This existing proprietary technology required the utility to exclusively purchase its chemical supply and equipment service without a competitive bid; the supplier had indicated it would withhold generator software updates and service without the continued purchase of its proprietary chemical precursor.

The water authority sought to remove itself from this arrangement. Allowing multiple chemical suppliers to competitively bid on its ClO2 program would improve the reliability of supply and decrease the overall program cost. It requested bids for a sodium chlorate/hydrogen peroxide reaction chemistry, which would preserve the existing process operations of the plant. It also sought a solution that would meet EPA requirements.

International Dioxcide submitted a bid for PurDOX™ BCD, which is a 40% sodium chlorate and 8% hydrogen peroxide blended precursor used to generate chlorine dioxide. PurDOX™ BCD was a “drop-in” replacement to the incumbent supplier’s chlorine dioxide precursor. By mixing 78% sulfuric acid under vacuum with PurDOX™ BCD, chlorine dioxide is safely and reliably produced on site where oxidation/disinfection is needed. PurDOX™ BCD is registered with US EPA as a precursor to chlorine dioxide and is approved to be used in any suitable ClO2 generator, and is certified under the ANSI/NSF 60 drinking water standard.

The water authority conducted a thorough regulatory review and a successful trial using PurDOX™ BCD, which was ultimately selected.

Generator Design

International Dioxcide engineers worked with the municipality to develop a drop-in replacement for the chlorine dioxide generator currently in use at the site. This preserved the general process operations of the plant while increasing the flexibility of future chemical supply and equipment servicing.

The utilities operations and facilities teams selected the PurDOX™ 700 VB generator for several key benefits:

  • No precursor pumps reduces concentrated chemical exposure risks for increased safety
  • No equipment enclosure offers easier access for maintenance of critical components
  • Its configuration aligns with existing precursor bulk tank layouts for seamless integration


The water authority’s conversion from the incumbent chlorate-based chemistry to PurDOX™ technology was seamless. The municipality reduced its annual chemical costs by 17% while achieving no impact to chlorine dioxide production efficiency. The authority’s water quality staff acknowledged the consistent results in disinfectant dosage and DBP’s in the water authority’s effluent (see Figure 1).


Figure 1. Average chlorite and chlorine dioxide residuals seen at application point after transition to PurDOX™ BCD equipment and chemical.

“We can’t say enough about our partnership with International Dioxcide. With their help, our treatment facility completed a seamless transition to PurDOX™, including the installation of a new chlorine dioxide generator that was made to our specifications. The switch has been well worthwhile. We’ve reduced our treatment costs by 17%, while maintaining production efficiency. We appreciate their expertise, professionalism, and having them as a trusted resource for years to come.”

Terry Wilson, Wyckoff Division Manager
Cobb County-Marietta Water Authority

Unmatched Expertise for Any Application

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