Oil and Gas Water Treatment During Upstream Production

International Dioxcide, a division of ERCO Worldwide, is a leading provider of chlorine dioxide technology, equipment and expertise to the oilfield.  With over 70 years of chlorine dioxide experience, International Dioxcide (IDI) has been providing materials, equipment and application expertise thru a partnership program with leading field service companies including: Baker Hughes, Fountain Quail, Remote and others.  Together we form the largest network of ClO2 providers in the O&G industry.  Chlorine dioxide (ClO2) is well-suited for upstream oil and gas water applications and is highly effective and more sustainable than other oxidizing or non-oxidizing biocide options (FAQ’s). Chlorine dioxide is a sustainable biocide that exceeds the technical and economic requirements for performance (Demonstration video).  IDI is the industry leader in the safe application of Chlorine Dioxide across all our markets.

Benefits of Using Chlorine Dioxide from International Dioxcide

Chlorine dioxide is much more selective than other oxidizers. It is very effective at low dosages due to an inherent recycle mechanism and does not form chlorinated organics.

Value Adding Attributes:

Effective Sustainable Microbial Control for Oil & Gas

There is a need for improved microbial control of the downhole environment in the oil patch. Current non-oxidizing microbial control programs alone can increase the risk of souring, corrosion, and reduced hydrocarbon flow rates. Non-oxidizing biocides have been the industry standard for years, and yet the downhole microbial concerns have worsened. Downhole conditions strongly impact the performance of non-oxidizing biocides and their disinfection byproducts. Because the source of microbial contamination in the oil field is diverse, the major microbial focus should be to prevent further contamination from surface operations. Therefore, for upstream O&G applications, it is desirable for surface operations and interventions to use a rapid-acting, broad spectrum oxidizing biocide such as chlorine dioxide. Chlorine dioxide at typical dose levels ultimately reacts to form sodium chloride at levels that are insignificant when compared to the natural salt levels found downhole.  Chlorine dioxide is an innovative technology shift for antimicrobial control and other oxidative treatments in the oilfield.   Over the last 10 years numerous case studies have shown the effectiveness and cost performance of ClO2 treatment.   (ClO2 references)

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