The Next Generation in Chlorine Dioxide Equipment

The PurDOX™ 700 VB platform engineered by International Dioxcide is a complete chlorine dioxide generator in a self-contained modular design that is easy to install and requires a small footprint. A water supply, precursor chemical feed lines, a chlorine dioxide application line, and a power feed are the only connections required for PurDOX™ 700 VB installations.

  • Highly efficient conversion of PurDOX™ to chlorine dioxide
  • Affordable chlorine dioxide generation in a safe, reliable, and easy-to-operate design
  • Eductor-based vacuum design for safety
  • Inherently safe reaction chamber designed to eliminate unreliable metering pumps and ensure that chlorine dioxide is safely produced
  • Measurement and control of PurDOX™ and sulfuric acid flows to ensure the proper quantity of chemical is provided
  • NSF 61 certified

Installation Is Easy

The PurDOX™ 700 VB generator is manufactured so that all desired modules are assembled on a single skid. This allows for rapid installation at your facility and minimizes skilled labor resources. Each generator is safely engineered to reduce the hazards of operating and servicing the generator. Low voltage components are selected to reduce electrical hazards when wiring maintenance is required. Optional features such as inline ClO2 analyzer and ORP probes are easily integrated into the modular design with simple connections. Distribution panels can also be engineered to deliver ClO2 to multiple application points.

Engineering from Start to Finish

International Dioxcide engineers, designs, manufactures, and tests its chlorine dioxide generators with in-house resources. This process ensures smooth installation and commissioning of the PurDOX™ VB generator at your site.  All electrical systems are audited to UL 508 standards.

Interactive 3-D Model

The PurDOX™ technology is used in large applications when chlorine gas is not available on-site and the customer wants to avoid adding a third chemical to the process. The PurDOX™ 700 VB generator replaces chlorine gas with a blend of sodium chlorate and hydrogen peroxide into a single product called PurDOX™ that reacts with low iron sulfuric acid to generate chlorine dioxide as shown below:

2NaClO3 + H2O2 + H2SO4 → 2ClO2 + 2H2O + Na2SO4 + O2

This reaction theoretically yields 100% conversion of sodium chlorate to chlorine dioxide and a generator efficiency of 95% of the theoretical yield is achievable. Alternative reaction chemistry using different precursors are also available from International Dioxcide. Capacities for the PurDOX™ 700 VB system can range from 100 to 700 pounds per day.

The PurDOX™ 700 VB uses an easy-to-learn touchscreen to allow operators to customize and monitor operating parameters.

  • Automation via PLC and SCADA integration makes operator involvement rarely required.
  • All equipment components meet International Dioxcide’s criteria for quality and reliability:
    • Electrical components are UL listed.
    • Electrical panels are UL508A compliant.
    • Wetted parts are NFS 61 compliant, chemically compatible, and pressure-rated for the intended application.
  • A user-friendly, modular layout makes repair easy.
  • Equipment documentation is provided for reference.
  • Field staff are also available to make on-site service visits and offer training or other support programs tailored to your needs.

The PurDOX™ 700 VB generator has a flexible control architecture that allows the user to easily schedule operations, automate ClO2 dosage, and configure alarms. Systems can operate at a fixed rate of chlorine dioxide production or flow-pacing control can be activated to target a certain ClO2 concentration at the point of application. The system can be configured to alarm on any measured process variable that is not expected such as:

  • Loss of motive water supply
  • High pressure in reactor
  • Set point deviation in chemical precursor flow(s)

Chlorine dioxide detected in air above the PEL/STEL limits, additional alarms, sensors, and process integration can be customized as necessary to ensure optimum safety and reliability.  All electrical systems on the PurDOX™ VB generators are audited to UL 508 standards.

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